Saturday, March 21, 2015

God Thinking LXXXVI - Are You Living In The Now? 5

"Some of you started out believing that God was a great God - that God was not only able, but willing to do more than you could ever ask or even dream - but over time you were conditioned to believe differently - you were conditioned by those with dead faith.  They could have been your pastors, your friends, your boss, your parents or even your spouse. 

People with dead faith, whittle away at your faith until you have been discouraged and beaten down.  Given enough time, (and without a strong foundation), those with dead faith can cause you to believe like they do:

People with dead faith:
  • Believe the worst of everything.
  • They make OK starters, but lousy finishers - because the first time they are up against something that requires faith - they falter, because they have dead faith
  • They think that they own what they have, so they hold onto it so tightly that they take away all the fun out of having anything in the first place.
  • They are the fault finders.
  • They are naysayers.
  • They are the I don’t believe it’s true because it didn’t happen to me and I deserve it more than you, so don’t tell me about it group.
  • They are always robbing from those with alive faith - tearing down those with alive faith, but at the same time not gaining ground.  They take from the one that has faith, but what they take they don’t even use.  What a waste.
Everyone is influenced by someone, but you should be careful who you allow to influence you.

You will never be free of the naysayers, the negative, or the faithless, but as time goes on - whatever ground you lost under the negative influence of those with little faith or dead faith - you can gain back, by nurturing yourself with God Thinking and being around people that have faith that is alive and dynamic."

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXVI Are You Living In The Now by Keith                                       C. Powell Copyright 2015

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