Saturday, March 7, 2015

God Thinking LXXXV - Pro-active perspective 2

"A Pro-active Perspective is a way to think.

The other type of thinking is when when you are thinking, (in the natural), you are primarily responding to the moment:
  • Responding without adequate preparation
  • Responding without an overall understanding of the consequences of your actions   
  • Responding, not only without a full understanding of the moment, but without a full understanding of the future as well.

When you are thinking in the natural, too many things happen, “beyond your control” or “out of control.” 

People that live in the natural spend most of their time, their money, their energy, their thoughts and their resources -
Making excuses
Wasting other peoples time
Putting out fires
Disappointed in themselves
                          Disappointed in others, (because no matter       what you do for them, it is never enough)
They are discouraged, depressed, lonely and miserable.

They live in a state of little if any preparation.

They are always asking someone else to meet their needs.

I’m not talking about the genuine poor. 
I’m not talking about those who have had a bad break and they are trying to bounce back from a tragedy of some kind.
I am talking about those who live in the natural.

This can be the unsaved or the saved, the lost and the found, the Jew and the gentile:
Anyone who does not trust what God says
Anyone who does not know what God says
Anyone who seeks fulfillment outside of Christ
Anyone who tries to make it without the leading of the indwelling Holy Spirit
Anyone who doesn’t follow the Lord
Anyone with a wrong perspective about God and His creation.

If you want a right perspective about your life, you need a pro-active perspective - one that not only thinks in line with what God is doing today - but looks ahead to what God is going to do - and does today what will bring that vision to pass tomorrow.

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXV A Pro-active Perspective by Keith C.                                       Powell Copyright 2015

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