Friday, March 13, 2015

God Thinking LXXXV - Pro-active perspective 7

"God wants His people to lean on Jesus Christ and in all things to give God the glory. 

In life and in death – in winning and in losing – in sickness and in health.
You are God’s children - in whom God’s takes great pleasure - in protecting and training and teaching and in receiving unto Himself, now, and later into heaven.

We need to take a hold of this truth.  Your focus must be on the peace that passes all understanding – not the fear that seems to be dominating the day.

satan is not dominating anything – he is losing, more and more everyday that passes.

The world is not an awful place to raise your children as satan would like you to believe – but it is beautiful place where God is in control and God is in your children creating a path for them to follow where they will do great things.

Today is not a day to wallow in satan’s false victory.  It is a day to stand against his teachings and listen to God.

Tomorrow is not gloomy.  It is Sunny and full of light. 

Tomorrow doesn’t usher in an era of uncertainty.

Tomorrow ushers in an era of surety. 

Tomorrow is not another day where satan wins ground - it is a day you take back lost territory.

satan cannot hide his work.
satan and all his own are easily recognized by the darkness that surrounds them.
he was exposed 6,000 years ago and leaves a trail of his botched jobs like a child with fluorescent paint."

Excerpt from God Thinking LXXXV A Pro-active Perspective by Keith C.                                       Powell Copyright 2015

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