Friday, April 8, 2016

Tools Of The Enemy 4

"satan knows that if he doesn’t discourage you and cause you to doubt, that you could most anything, heal and convert the whole world.

Note: This next list is alarming. This information is taken in by
Christians reluctantly, because most Christians today think that if they ignore satan, he will be of no consequence. If that is what you believe you will likely be opposed to this next set of statements. Rather than rebel, please go to God in prayer and ask God to discern for you if this is truth. If in your spirit you sense it is the truth, let it become part of your modus operandi, if not don't believe a word of it.

When you get close to God, satan knows that you can do the works of Christ and that by the Holy Spirit your friends and family can be converted.  he sees his kingdom is in jeopardy.

satan has no honor or discretion.  his best work is in and through cowards like the ones who rammed the World Trade Center.  he works in the lives of the ungodly to discourage the godly.

satan cannot take your soul, but he can use his tools in attempts to cause you to slow down this mission you are on, this mission of being like Christ - this mission of using your faith to affect change - this mission of believing God and continuing the good fight of faith.

If you are drawing near to God, satan is drawing near to you.

Every breakthrough in your life where God gets the glory is closely monitored by your enemy. 

Just the same - every idle word, every impure thought, every word of gossip, every unkind or discouraging remark, every pessimistic statement, every word spoken out of anger, every impropriety, every sin where satan gets the glory is closely monitored by your enemy.

satan does not want you to be like Christ and he will enter any open door, any mouth, any opportunity that you allow, any thing that could slow you down or cause you to stumble.

satan is:
  • sometimes subtle
  • sometimes cunning
  • sometimes disguised
  • sometimes blatant
  • always evil - always against God
  • always against God’s children.

he is not like you and me.  Even though you don’t always use good sense, you have good sense.  satan does not have any good sense, he has only hatred and vile affections.  satan has lost all the attributes of the heavenly, and knows no boundaries, except those forged in the heavens by God Himself.

satan is here until the end of the age.  
he cannot be destroyed.  
he has no feelings, empathy or sympathy for anyone, ever.

he is thrilled at death, sickness, poverty and wickedness of all kinds.

he delights in abortion and casts doubt on every man, woman and child that will listen.

he relentlessly seeks the soul of every human being.  he hates the young and the old and everyone in-between.       

he seeks to make you:
Lose territory to him
sick - poor - fearful & lonely.
He seeks to cause you to give up – to give in - to open the door for him to enter - to throw in the towel - to cause you to sin.
Anything that dishonors God, satan seeks to accomplish.

Unlike you satan has thousands of years of experience.  He wants you, and if he can’t have you, he wants those you love.  he is at battle right now with you."

   Excerpt from Tools Of The Enemy by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016  

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