Tuesday, October 6, 2015

God Thinking XIII - Break Away 6

"There are two reasons why I am putting so much emphasis on the generational inheritance of spiritual values.

1     Even if your spiritual heritage was/is excellent and even if those before you set a good example, and even if they taught all the right things and represented God with unflinching faith - You need to know that none of what someone else learned of God or did with God will be posted to your account.  In other words you must establish your own relationship with God by personal experience.  If your spiritual heritage was excellent it may have given you a good start, but the fulness of revelation for each generation must come by personal experience.

2     The second reason we are spending so much time on this subject - If those before you set a poor example or mis-represented the Word of God, you may have been taught things that are not true or worse.  If this is who went before you, you will have to break away from these influences.  You will have to break away from these influences,  before you can establish on your own, a right relationship with God by personal relationship.

I don't know how to say this nicely, you have got to break away from the words and attitudes that disarm or dilute God’s Holy Word.

If what you are hearing has been causing confusion, break away.
If you have friends that don’t honor God with their being, break away from their influence.
If you have something in your life that has control, then God doesn’t.  It’s time to break away - once and for all and separate yourself from that thing or that person that is throwing water on your wick." 

Excerpt from God Thinking XIII Break Away by Keith C. Powell Copyright                                                       2015

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