Thursday, November 5, 2015

God Thinking XCIX - The Power Of The Blood 2

"At times your free will is going to derail you from God’s perfect will.
At times your actions are going to keep you from God’s very best.
At times you are not even going to want to comply with God.

And at the same time, God is going to complete you and finish what God started in you.

How can this be?  God is going to bring you into perfection and alignment with His perfect will, while you are on this side of heaven and while you are imperfect (in will actions and reactions). 

There’s only one answer to all these questions.
The blood of Jesus.

The word that defines what the blood of Jesus can do is grace. Grace is the one word that reveals all that God has done so that God and man could fellowship together, and you need grace. 

God is pouring out His grace on you right now. 
You are forgiven.
You are accepted in the beloved. 
You are redeemed and adopted and renewed and anointed, all by the grace of God. If you have accepted Jesus as your saviour, all is well with your standing with God."
Note: Most Christians and most pastors just can't say the words, 'all is well with God and me.'  Like there is some shame in being imperfect and relying on the perfection of Christ as the measure of their righteousness. So many people are still trying to earn it. You cannot earn the favor of God, but you can receive it. You cannot work your way into a better position/standing with God based on your behavior, but you can accept God's grace that God has already bestowed on you despite your imperfect behavior. No, this does not mean that you now have a license to sin, nor does it mean that you turn your back on managing your behavior that best fits a child of God. But it does mean that while you are on the journey you understand that Jesus is carrying you through, all the way, on His merits. Some people just don't like the fact that they have struggled all their life and gave up so much to be religious and someone who is an utter failure in the eyes of man, but has accepted the Power of the blood, will be accepted in the beloved equally. Imagine that, God is better equipped to judge than you.

Excerpt from God Thinking XCIX - The Power Of The Blood by Keith C.                                         Powell Copyright 2015

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