Saturday, November 28, 2015

God Thinking I - In The Beginning 4

"What God created initially is the substance that you currently use to create.  All matter, all existence, all natural law, all phenomenon, even supernatural intervention, God created.

Within the boundaries of this creation - you, all angels, all demons, all creatures live.

One thing God did for you that no other creature can do, not even the angels, is make you in His image and likeness. 
“In the beginning God created,” - and that is what you are doing with your life also.  You are to be about creating.  You have the power to create within your means.  Within the boundaries of creation you utilize what is available and you create for yourself, who you are - what you are.

God created you to create and co-create with God, your life.
To do this in a way that brings you success and glorifies God, that takes God thinking."

       Excerpt from God Thinking - In The Beginning by Keith C. Powell                                                     Copyright 2015

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