Wednesday, September 30, 2015

God Thinking XIII - Break Away 1

"In my life, God Thinking has taken on an identity.  After all, the whole idea behind God Thinking is to steer you to think thoughts that produce godly fruit.

There are three things that God Thinking must accomplish in order to be true to itself:
1     To expose false precepts, false principles and false beliefs, by re-defining the way you think, through sound scriptural exegesis, mixed with faith and faithfulness.
2     To reveal simple truths without regard for, or bias towards religious or denominational preferences.
3     To believe, proclaim and agree with the infallible Word of God as it is imparted to you experientially.

God Thinking is not anything in itself, and has no intrinsic value of its own; no meaning of efficacy apart from steering the listener/reader to respond to God.

It is in responding to God that God Thinking exists.  It is in responding to God that your experience with God exist.  Each of us must experience God on our own. 

Yes, we experience God together collectively also.  Yes, the positive experiences of others can influence you and sometimes teach you, but those who have not experienced God themselves personally, are not experiencing God collectively either.  They are experiencing the joy, excitement, blessings and benefits of being around others who are experiencing God. 
It’s time to experience God. 
It’s time to take God at his Word.
It’s time to set aside all the hand me down religious platitudes and sentiments that have kept you constrained and powerless and exchange it all for a moment with God."

Excerpt from God Thinking XIII Break Away by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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