Wednesday, November 19, 2014

God Thinking LXVI - The Whole Person Yields 2

"When you do not yield to God’s spoken/written Word - when you listen to God’s Word with indifference - then what you receive is  incomplete and unable to solve your problems, cure your diseases, help you through troubles.

When you do not yield to God’s spoken/written Word, you are compelled to speak to the issues of life under your own power, by your own strength, with your own words, without the aid and support of God.

Isn’t that how most things get messed up in the first place. 
No one of sets out to go against God. 
All the ugliness of life is learned behavior.

No one starts out thinking - hey someday I’m gonna be a drug addict - or hey let’s go get drunk, maybe we can crash our car or hit some innocent bystander.

No one takes their first drink or their first puff on a cigarette or marijuana and says, “my that has a delightful taste.”  No, our body, mind and spirit all cringe at the smell and the taste of harmful or intoxicating substances. 

You have got to be taught to like it. 

Without someone standing over us and egging us on, we would all turn down drugs and alcohol and cigarettes as if it were poison.  We wouldn’t take the chance on anything that might cause us harm if it hadn’t been for someone patting us on the back and telling us, “it’ll be alright.”   

No one starts out thinking that they will someday spend more on lottery tickets than they do milk and bread for their kids.

No one starts out thinking that a little flirting around will end up in divorce with a restraining order to keep them away from their own children. 

No one sets out to misrepresent a product or service.  Over time they are desensitized to believe that the customer deserves to buy a fraudulent product. 

Kids aren’t born with a propensity to bring guns to school and shoot their teachers or other students.  You’ve got to exposed to a whole lot of evil before considering such a grotesque act of evil.

Teens don’t start out on a Friday night thinking they will get pregnant or be given a drug to seduce them by someone that says they love them more than their own mother.

When you do not yield to God’s spoken/written Word - little by little you will stray from God’s plan for your life. It is not all at once, but little by little.  Do you agree?" 

Excerpt from God Thinking LXVI - The Whole Person Yields by Keith C.                                          Powell Copyright 2014

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