Sunday, June 29, 2014

God Thinking LV - Life Is Like A Soufflé 1

"Life is like a soufflé.  Just because you have all the right ingredients to work with doesn’t mean that when you put them together and bake them, they will turn out to be an edible soufflé.

Without a good recipe, it doesn’t matter if you have all the right ingredients.  It’s what you do with the ingredients that determines what the finished product is going to be.

Somebody is going to get this in their soul.  The Lord specifically said to me to speak these words.  Quit making your own way.  Settle it.  God has spoken to you in times past, even when you were a child and offered you the recipe for a fulfilled life.  

But I don’t need to tell you, that you and I have tried many other recipes.  None of them make a soufflé (God’s recipe for life), except God’s recipe. 

Ten people can take the same ingredients, but how they mix them and how they use them (the recipe), determines what is made.

Without the right recipe, it doesn’t matter how many ingredients you have or how good the ingredients are, what you are making may not even be able to be recognized.

Let me give you a good example:

Let’s say that all of us were given all the ingredients to make a beautiful, light and fluffy soufflé. 

After you mixed the ingredients and put them in a pan and baked them, would all end up with a soufflé?  No way.  Why not?!  We all have the same ingredients !!!

I venture to say that only a few of us could make a soufflé, because only a few of us know the recipe.

Even though everyone has the same ingredients, not everyone ends up with a soufflé. That's life."
 Excerpt from God thinking LIV - Life Is Like A Souffle by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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