Monday, June 2, 2014

God Thinking LII - Fruitless 5

  • "satan is the one who has said the Word of God is complex complicated and cumbersome
  • satan is the one who has said that you cannot live out what God says you can live out.
  • satan is the one who plants seeds of doubt every time you and I are about to get our breakthrough.
  • satan is the one who causes us to be double-minded and teeter totter back and forth from belief to unbelief.
  • satan is the one who says you cannot do what God says.
  • satan is the one who says you cannot be who God says you can.
  • satan is the one who has duped the pastors and priests to teach and preach less than the powerful and always flawless, inspired, infallible Word of God.
  • satan is the one, who, every time you start to believe something that God has said, tells you to check it out with the unbelieving world or other religious philosophies before  relying on its content.
It’s no wonder that this world is in such disrepair, even believers don’t believe. 

God is not going to change His mind, write a new book, alter His creation, bend the rules, break His Word, take back what He has said, send someone else, abide by popular consensus or consider alternate plans.  So it's time to quit trying to skirt around God's perfect way and get with God's plan.

Excerpt from God Thinking LII - Fruitless - by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014


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