Friday, October 4, 2013

God Thinking XXVII - Getting To Know God Better 3

"God is pleased every time you come to know Him better. 
God has visited you every time you have come together to praise and worship Him.
I want to testify of a truth.  I would rather praise God and worship Him in His presence, with His gentle and loving, caring and teaching Spirit, than to be anywhere with any number of people where there is strife and confusion and a heavy hand.
You , the body of Christ, are not in competition with anybody.  Do you believe that?  You are not at odds with any Church, organization, denomination or non-denomination.  You are at peace with the whole body of Christ.  It would really help you to believe this. You may not feel it but you are at peace with the whole body of Christ.
I have noticed a few things that I think is peculiar, (in a good sense) about the body of Christ; something I hope never changes - something you can build on - something you can take a genuine pride in being a part of - something that God is pleased with - something unusual - something worth telling others about.

A few things to be commended for:
  • You have the opportunity to love one another.
  • You do not have to be fake - you can be yourself - no put ons - no aires - no false I’m better than you are - no (you mean you haven’t been ??????????????
  • You do not have to be condemning.
  • You are growing spiritually. 
  • You really do have something to tell the world about. 
 God meets you and purifies you, cleanses you and refreshes you.  God teaches you and trains you and lifts you up and makes things clear.  God has been leading and you have been following.  Are you OK with that? 

God is pleased and you need to know it.
God is pleased with you because God is.
There is nothing you can do about it.
This is an essential truth that you must believe to getting beyond a religious relationship with God and moving into a personal relationship with God.
Have people been making you feel inferior or wrong or insinuating that you do not measure up or that you are not as spiritual as they are.  That is the human way, not the God way."
Excerpt from God thinking XXVII Getting To Know God Better by Keith C. Powell copyright 2013

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