Thursday, October 3, 2013

God Thinking XXVII - Getting To Know God Better 2

"You have seen God move in your family.
You have seen God renew relationships.
You have seen God heal the sick and take away pain.
You have seen God visit you.
You have seen God change you.
You have seen God grow you.
You have seen God empower you.
You have seen God teach you.
God has blessed you.
God thinking teaches you to take time and worship and adore your heavenly Father.
Get it straight:
God loves you
You are beautiful
You are cleansed
You are powerful
You are free
You are anointed
You are honored
You are chosen of God
You are heirs with Christ

Your praise and worship please God so much that God has provided every kind of blessing that I have mentioned and many, many more."
Excerpt from God thinking XXVII Getting To Know God Better by Keith C. Powell copyright 2013

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