Friday, July 8, 2016

Point Of Turning Pin

"Point of Turning Pin

The universe and all within
Are to our God as the point of a turning pin
Yet on that point, that tiny dot
There's not a soul that God knows not

And to us all God speaks clear
His children born (again) with listening ears
All others stand on the pin and shout
God's voice they're trying to drown out
It's not that they cannot hear within
It's just their love for the turning pin
Is greater than the voice within

Magnificent God over all
I do, without ears hear His call
When I try to describe God I fail
But of trying I will never bail
For what I have come to know inside
I cannot hide

Awesome God within and without
The living God who leaves no doubt
For in God we find our breath
and height and width and light and depth
Above all is God - creation knows
And all creation groans to show
Of how God loves us so

It takes not - God within to find
Good things bestowed - and all the time
It rains and shines despite ones bent
But when trouble comes our way
The child of God sees through and prays
Not as the fool - who pleads the trouble go around
But as one who passes through the fire
That's the difference in child and hire

For even though God created all
With that we managed first the fall
And all that we have done thus far
It's safe to say - that we have waned
From God's intent, we're Eden's shame

By now we should be light of day
But still to other gods we pray

God’s love is far beyond our words
God’s way covers the undeserved
And then on top of that God’s grace
Why would any turn their face?
But I have found that many will
What ere the reason - they turn still
Hardened will and hardened heart
Living on their inward part
Will cause a man to live a lie
Time to confess - he will deny

The child of faith can't wait to see
Rewards for all eternity
Not for anything they've done
Just for trusting in His Son
If you are not convinced at all
That you are covered from the fall
And Jesus is the only name
Then you will add to Eden's shame

I'm not trying to twist your arm
A few words of verse can do no harm
But if I plant one seed that grows
Into a tree the Maker knows
Then of the many I offend
I'll take the criticizers end
To stand before the God of all
One soul averted from the fall

As days pass by - less time to tell
Of heavens light and satan's hell
When all abruptly comes to end
I'm hoping that of those I've met
Who haven't made their mind up yet
Will gladly choose to trade their sin
Than holding fast - the *point of turning pin

*Point of turning pin - worldly mindset

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