Thursday, May 15, 2014

God Thinking LI - Mining The Mind Of God 4

"God knows that only through communion with God in prayer:
Can we glorify God, because God provides, (in the mind) what we cannot obtain on our own.

The bible talks to us allot about the mind and its role in how God communicates with us.  

Have you ever tried to think about something important, and idea or just a passing thought, but you couldn’t get it to come together and materialize, so it just dissipated into fragments?

Or, you are trying to concentrate and pray or just be alone with God, and thoughts are just racing through your head or the distractions start getting louder and louder and your ability to concentrate, again dissipates and your precious time is lessened or becomes fruitless altogether?

I believe that many of us are kept from our mission - purpose - calling - because we cannot or do not take time to fully develop our thoughts, especially when it comes to praying to or talking to God and having the time or the silence, the undivided attention it takes to hear the voice of God. 

The results of not thinking the way that God wants us to is devastating, as to our overall existence.  And the one who suffers the most is our inner man. 

There is no peace and no rest when our inner man is confused of operating with wrong thinking.
Excerpt from God Thinking LI -  Mining God's Mind by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014


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