Saturday, November 23, 2013

God Thinking XXXVIII - By Revelation only 2

  • "After you are done messing around with God's Word.
  • After you and I are done tickling your own ears.
  • After you have watered the Word down to be comfortable.
  • After you have tweaked the Word of God to meet your denominational dogma.
  • After you have turned your back on His promises.
  • After you have tried the Word of God on our terms, making it say what you want it to for a while.
  • After you measure the Word by the ways of man.
  • After you have had it your way for long enough.
And you are ready to:
  • Quit messing with His Word.
  • And quit tickling your own ears.
  • And quit sipping on a watered down Word.
  • Once you quit thinking comfortable means faithful.
  • Once you believe the Word of God every time it is read or it is spoken.
  • Once you believe His promises.
  • Once you stop thinking you know a better way.
  • Once you decide to do life on God’s terms.
  • Once you measure the Word by the Word.
  • Once you say, that’s enough - Lord, I don’t want it my way any more.
Once this happens:
You won’t care one iota what the devil says about money or anything else. 
You won’t believe another lie about God.

See, once you have revelation from God - what you do is by faith and faith pleases God.

Once you receive revelation from God - It doesn’t matter how you have been doing it.

Once you believe the revelation you received from God - then what God says cannot be robbed from you, cannot be changed, cannot be thwarted, cannot be altered. Now that's good news."
Excerpt from God Thinking XXXVIII - By Revelation Only by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013

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