Thursday, December 27, 2012

God thinking X1 - Tough Truths 1

"God Thinking keeps “on top” the things that God blesses.  God Thinking believes God.  But God thinking takes us to a dimension that not only believes the impossible, which it does, but to be sound in our understanding, also. 

God thinking has expectations about God that only God can fill, and rightly so, but God thinking does not move with the trend or the wind, it is dependent on sound truths, truths that can be understood through our experience and by faith.

Healing or receiving anything from God must be understood the same way.  Some say that they have found a formula for being healed or receiving from God, and if you are not healed or do not receive what you want, it is because you do not have the faith to be healed.  Even though it is true that sometimes (healing or receiving) is held back by a lack of faith, even the most faithful of all don’t get everything they want, they can get sick, and they  will someday grow old and die, (in the flesh). 

When it comes to healing or receiving anything from God, God thinking reminds us that there will always be an undiscovered mystery surrounding God’s sovereign control."
Excerpt from God Thinking X1 - Tough Truths by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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