Friday, October 28, 2016

Spiritual Growth 1

As you grow in Christ consciousness you will continually re-evaluate all things, moral, visible, invisible and even matter itself. All things have a perpetual changing value as you grow in Christ. There are some things which you will eradicate, some things will just change and some new concepts will be born. You will accept some things that you used to reject. You will reject some things that you used to accept. The flow/change is from a personal relationship with Christ that allows the Holy Spirit to guide the inner man into truth/s. 

As your faith grows, so does the rapidity of your ability to make or accept change. Every living thing plays a role in these changes. You will sow and reap the consequences of the entire population, principalities and powers and evil. As you grow in faith your knowledge will increase at the same rate as your participation in fulfilling your purpose/God's plan for your life. 
Many people don't like this kind of Christianity because it requires an every vigilant and openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit. People today want to turn God on and off out of necessities.

By growing and not stagnating in your relationship with God, through the influence of the indwelling Holy Spirit, your eyes and heart will be able to discern knowledge, wisdom, humility, understanding, precepts that belong to the body of Christ. Part of the continuing growth is your ability to communicate what is happening to you to others. 

This sharing of the inner working of the Holy Spirit that initiate actual, personal changes taking place within your own self; (measurable events that are the cause for a change in mind), things that you share with others, are the kind of things that the Holy Spirit uses to assist others in coming to the same conclusions that you have come to. It is an organic/supernatural condition, an osmosis of sorts or a godly precept going through the process of being born into actual behavioral changes the steer you or others into a more perfect union with God/godliness."

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