Monday, October 31, 2016

Spiritual Growth 2

"You glorify God by receiving Jesus into your heart. Then by growing in faith you can  express your hope to others. The more people who unite together in love under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the faster the changes are made in each others lives.

In the church there is still speculation today that if you are saved that there won't necessarily be any noticeable change in actions or behavior. That is a fallacy that church leaders use to dangle the carrot for people to keep coming to church without the need for any minor or substantial change in actions or behavior. In truth, the degree of your spiritual growth will be measured by the measurable continuance and development of a godly lifestyle. There must be less evidence of one's outer-self and more evidence of one's inner-self, shown through humility, if there is spiritual growth.

This does not mean that as a person is being perfected that they will not go backwards or even fall or fail, but it does mean that if they fall backwards or fall or fail that they don't stay there for an extended period of time. As a person, who wants to grow spiritually, starts making adjustments and changes to their lifestyle, they are challenged by the evil in this world and their own weaknesses. Those who have been in the faith for some time can be a great help to those who are still struggling. The mature Christian lends their self to those struggling to lift them up and even sometimes to bear the pain or suffer with those who are struggling; to go alongside, to help carry the load, carry the person, carry the burdens until that person is strong enough to continue on and start growing in Christ again. Don't make light of this joining together concept of Christianity. Generally it is why all of us or any of us have come as far as we have. Someone was carrying us along the way."

Friday, October 28, 2016

Spiritual Growth 1

As you grow in Christ consciousness you will continually re-evaluate all things, moral, visible, invisible and even matter itself. All things have a perpetual changing value as you grow in Christ. There are some things which you will eradicate, some things will just change and some new concepts will be born. You will accept some things that you used to reject. You will reject some things that you used to accept. The flow/change is from a personal relationship with Christ that allows the Holy Spirit to guide the inner man into truth/s. 

As your faith grows, so does the rapidity of your ability to make or accept change. Every living thing plays a role in these changes. You will sow and reap the consequences of the entire population, principalities and powers and evil. As you grow in faith your knowledge will increase at the same rate as your participation in fulfilling your purpose/God's plan for your life. 
Many people don't like this kind of Christianity because it requires an every vigilant and openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit. People today want to turn God on and off out of necessities.

By growing and not stagnating in your relationship with God, through the influence of the indwelling Holy Spirit, your eyes and heart will be able to discern knowledge, wisdom, humility, understanding, precepts that belong to the body of Christ. Part of the continuing growth is your ability to communicate what is happening to you to others. 

This sharing of the inner working of the Holy Spirit that initiate actual, personal changes taking place within your own self; (measurable events that are the cause for a change in mind), things that you share with others, are the kind of things that the Holy Spirit uses to assist others in coming to the same conclusions that you have come to. It is an organic/supernatural condition, an osmosis of sorts or a godly precept going through the process of being born into actual behavioral changes the steer you or others into a more perfect union with God/godliness."

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

While You Are Able 3

"The idea that we are to give ourselves to God doesn't fit well with our current religious systems (denominations). The idea of trusting God implicitly is also foreign to most believers today. If you are wondering what it means to give yourself to God or what trusting God implicitly, here is a rule of thumb.

Delegate 1/10th of your life to the furtherance of the gospel. (Sounds like a tithe, but in this case I am not referring to money): 1/10th of your family time, business arrangements, personal time, pleasure time, hobby time, dietary time, etc.

I know that some of you are probably thinking preachers ans other clergy should be giving 1/10th of their time as an example for others and you are partially correct. But really 1/10th of your time, the preachers time, the teachers time, the ministers time, is what is prescribed by God. In many cases some preachers give most all of their time to the ministry, but two things come to mind about that.
1.  Running a ministry is running a business and quite often the time spent is not devoted directly to God, but to building a name, position, legacy, empire. That is not the spirit of the idea of giving 1/10th of your time to God.
2.  Quite often preachers give so much of their time to their ministry that their own family suffers, sometimes severely. That is also far from the spirit of the idea. Working so hard to build whatever doesn't necessarily translate into following Bible precepts. It can even be kicking against the goads.

What God designed for everyone is balance and that is the only thing that works.
think about every science: pathology, astronomy, biology, physics, neurology, even theology and you will find that everything works within its created parameters. Step outside those parameters and throw the balance off and nothing good comes of it. So try to find the balance that God foreordained for you While You Are Able. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

While You Are Able 2

"God is not delighted or impressed with your superficial worship or unfaithful service. You must come to recognize that all/any greatness that we have and all the comforts that we enjoy and all the freedoms that we have is not from our individual or group efforts. These gifts/freedoms are a direct result of Holy God intervening in the affairs of men/women. 

It is facts that drive us (Christians) not folly or unsubstantiated fantasies. It is facts that keeps us enlisted with our vigor and strength and courage to follow Jesus. You already possess the inner working necessary to adhere to the disciplines that make Christianity work for modernity. We fight the good fight because we have faith in the facts of the creator. 

If this sounds too far out for you then you need to re-evaluate your personal commitment to the things of God. No one is going to train you. You will have to run this gamut on your own. God will give you the desire and the inner inclinations to be true to your faith. God has always done His part. If you are running into a situation where you are living below the bar of where you think you should be, you can easily point back to the time when you strayed from your own good judgment. 

Trust god. God knows how to use every resource flawlessly. Keep in mind , when you are about to do something that you know is outside of your agreed to relationship with God, that God has kept His Word. You do not have to stray. You choose to stray. 

Be mindful of God's will. Be generous. Discipline the inconsistencies in your life. Pray for guidance and help from God, but don't stop veering toward God."

Saturday, October 22, 2016

While You Are Able 1

"The largest, most destructive barrier keeping mankind from His quest to seek righteousness is self-contentment. Even the most prudent and deliberating people in our society are seeking self-contentment before reaching out to others. Our culture has become proud of its stable, democratic independence. In almost all facets of industry, technology, education, medicine and others, we have become the most advanced in the world and this is truly wonderful, however it should be to us a warning as well as a blessing.

God has blessed us with every good thing we could possibly want. with such blessings and such grace that has been bestowed upon us, man's efforts to please God should be overflowing, but it is not. For reasons of selfishness man has delegated himself with a new approved standard of giving to others; it is this simple, "When I am full I will give away my used and worn." In some cases giving is based on a static amount of one's income , but rarely of one's want.

Many say "I am certain that God would want me to be filled and my family filled before I share with others." As self-sustaining as this might seem it is based on a false premise. God's Word does not change with each whim of man. I have heard many Christians say, "I believe that everyone is entitled to be filled first before considering giving to others. Whatever you determine is right is right for you." Man has been teaching self-made doctrines for centuries under the disguise of religion.

The reason that God's Word could be written down and not need to be changed throughout the centuries is because of its immutable and perfect nature. God's constitution does not need to be changed with every wind of man's self-fulfillment. God's constitution does not need to be altered to meet new and challenging concepts like our Supreme Court changes with the wind and the times. God's constitution does not need amended, because it was perfect, is perfect and will continue to be perfect, forever."

If you are a Christian and you have created your own personal constitution, based on self-preservation and the will to have it all your own way, why fake it like somehow you are a loyal follower of Jesus. There is nothing to be gained by denying your birthright into the kingdom of God under the guise of an indulging and worldly lifestyle. Whether your friends and family find out what a hypocrite you are or not is hardly the question. If you know, that should be enough incentive to make a correction in course."

Friday, October 21, 2016

On Loneliness 2

"I would suggest a change in your daily routine, such as: If you always do the wash before you do the dishes, do the dishes before you do the wash and make other simple changes in your schedule that break routine. If you always go to the same place for lunch, go somewhere else, somewhere unfamiliar; that's the key, unfamiliar.

You will find that deliberated association with new things, schedules, events, destinations and new people will be mentally stimulating and self-rewarding, thereby eliminating some of the pain or uncomfortable thoughts you have been having.  

In no way am I suggesting that memories will not remain, however change will enable you to reconstruct a new perspective with a new set of parameters and motivations. A broader view of life with new facets can provide the impetus for inner change in your heart. Please remember that God knows your needs. His love is abounding and His grace is immeasurable.

Hold fast to your measure of faith allowing no circumstances to subdue your person. God promises you victory and God never breaks promises. Don't put off making the changes I mentioned above. With every change the pain, troubles, discomfort, heartache lessens and the loneliness subsides."

Thursday, October 20, 2016

On Loneliness 1

"If you are feeling lonely, hurt or depressed, you  will do best not to be idle with your time. There will be a passing, in due time, and healing will be sufficient. Everyone experiences these times, some as a trial, some as tribulation and some as chastisement, but all things work together for good to those who love God. 

During these times it is most important to bring to mind that "we are pilgrims and strangers in this world, not as a placebo, but for the purpose of reminding us that even our precious Lord and Savior was tempted in all things just as we are and overcame them all.  

There is nothing too big that you cannot conquer with faith. No doubt at times the pain in the heart seems unbearable, but God promises with everything that we experience He gives us strength to pass thru the fire and overcome. 

busy your mind with your work or your talents as much as possible. Retreat from your regular routine which is enveloped with memories and nostalgia which can be a constant reminder of your pain. Do something different. It may bring a new idea or challenge for your mind to work on. Many a great invention came to those wallowing in the mire of depression or misery. 

As difficult as it is try not to remain in a passive state of mind for extended periods of time. During these times you are more likely to be impatient in most things, so it is better to be involved with many short term activities rather than long term activities, especially the  ones that are regulated by a demanding or mundane routine.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


"Wisdom cannot be earned
Wisdom is not obtained by being good
Wisdom is not hereditary
Wisdom is not self-induced
Wisdom is not hard to get
Wisdom is not a bi-product of intellectual thinking
Wisdom is not subject to guidelines
Wisdom has no boundaries
Wisdom does not vary with the individual
Wisdom cannot be purchased or bartered for
Wisdom does not vary with the circumstances
Wisdom never misleads
Wisdom perfects all god-like attributes
Wisdom humbles itself for every one
Wisdom lends itself without repayment
Wisdom penetrates the heart
Wisdom permeates the soul
Wisdom satisfies the mind
Wisdom overpowers the body
Wisdom changes time
Wisdom is of/from God, only. It is a gift.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Thank You Anyway

"Lord I want to thank you even though from my vantage pint it looks like things did not go well. As a matter of fact (in my humble opinion) things went very wrong.

  • I know that you did not bring the tragedy, but you did not stop it either.
  • I know that you did not cause the pain, but you did not squelch it either. 
  • I know that you did not cause the events to take place, but you did not tell me that they were going to either.
  • In my heart I am not convinced that this is best, and You have not comforted me in the way I was expecting.
  • I  know that this might be best, but I don't know and I don't have confirmation from You that I have made the right decision.
I am hurt by the outcome of today's events, and I don't feel comforted, but I do rest assured in my heart that somehow you will continue working on my behalf and that someday I will understand.

I do not understand today but I thank you anyway."

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

God's Great Storehouse

"Six months shrouded by calamity and drenched with an influx of blessings, We laugh, "I wonder what else can go wrong." I say thank the Lord for all the gifts. I can say thank the Lord for I have learned to never trade a moment of my life for a different moment.

God has permitted me to have things that mean so much to me, without conditions or having to make some deal, and so pleasing they are. Even in the worst of times I can laugh and smile and have fun because I know that behind every cloud is a rainbow and after every storm there is a calm.

I wonder sometimes why everyone, including myself, wants God to show Himself. Why aren't we satisfied with what God has actually done for us? If God did show Himself and told each of us exactly what to do and when to do it and demanded our faithfulness (because He showed Himself) and made commands to us face to face; I think people would listen for a season and then they would start complaining and then blaming and then disobeying. They would say, "God is not fair. Why does He have to show Himself like this and tell me what to do?"

God has given each of us what we need to live a life worthy of His love and we choose our directions out of God's great storehouse. Do you really want it any other way?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Who Are You?

Who Are You?

You are the light of the world. Why then have you allowed yourself to be shaded?
You are the salt of the earth. Why then is it so tasteless?
You are the meek. Why then are you so proud?
You are the  humble. Why do you strive with one another?
You are the givers. Why must you keep so much?
You are the patient. Why then are you so hasty and do not wait on Me?
You are the kindhearted. Why do you turn away strangers?
You are the joyous. Why then do you complain everyday?
You are the gentle. Why then are you so insensitive?
You are the honest. Why do you deceive and cheat one another?
You are the charitable. why then must you own everything?
You are the faithful. Why then do My children starve?
You are the prudent. Why then are you so easily deceived?
You are the chosen. Why do you reject Me?
You are the wise. Why then do you not act wise?
You are the diligent. Why then must you rest from My work?
You are the teachers. Why then do you not know My ways?
You are the peacemakers. Why then do I see you destroying one another?
You are My witnesses. Why then are you silent?
Is there not anyone among you who will answer Me when I call and choose you to follow Me and love obedience?
My promises you have scorned.
What else would you have of Mine to destroy?
I ask that you believe in Me and you neglect so great a salvation. 
Are you still trying to save yourself, Oh foolish and disobedient generation?

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Man Of Wisdom

"A man/woman of wisdom does not seek his own but seeks that which God provides. He/she need not be in defense of not being perfect, his/her wisdom is from above. His/her words are God's words.

His/her warnings, God's warnings.  Thye need not know all that God knows to know God. It is not their duty to explain what God does not.

the wise are no less wise because they stand among the foolish, no more than the foolish are wise because they stand among the wise. Seek the wise for their wisdom and fell folly. Let not the unseen be unreal as well. The unseen is where all mysteries finish their course. That which you can see is so great an influence, but that which you cannot see is where all things originate and lead to.

Don't be deceived by religious rhetoric, your view of purity and the unexplainable will always be synonymous with your degree of obedience to God. You will not experience that perfect light while darkness prevails for then you would be divided within yourself. Where there is light there is no darkness and where there is darkness there is no light.

Be not deceived, less than pure light is just that. Allow the light of God to permeate your being. Let the light of God create your dreams and drive your visions. Let the unseen be lighted by the entrance of wisdom from God and so it is with the seen, let the seen, this natural world be exposed to the light so that you can see its truth.

Are you OK with going a little deeper with God. If not well..."