Friday, May 27, 2016

The Principle Of Infinite Supply 9

"Let go and let God increase it.  Sow bountifully in all things and you will reap bountifully in all things.

V11 “Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.”

To be enriched comes from the Greek word meaning to be made completely satisfied – filled to overflowing – fat with things. And remember bountiful means the better part of.

So you should read this verse like this:
“Being made completely satisfied and filled to overflowing in every thing to all the better things, causes us to be thankful to God”

Whatever it is that:
enhances your life
builds up your relationship with God
helps you reach your dreams
Sow bountifully into it.

If you want wisdom – sow wisdom.
Start a small group in your home.  Teach what God has taught you.  Give your wisdom to others and God will give you more and more and more. 

Now for those of us who are asking the age old question, What about money?  Does this principle of infinite supply work with money?  Of course it does.

But a lot of things are going to have to change:
For the principle of infinite supply to work with:
You will have to think differently than you have been thinking. 
You will have to respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
It is God in you, that knows, when and what you need to sow to reap a bountifully supply.

You can’t just do things out of duty anymore.  You must seek God’s direction through prayer, fasting, fellowship, and Bible study for God to direct your path. 

You will have to start giving of yourself:
Because you want to
Because you trust God
Because it makes you happy
Because you want to be like Jesus
Because you believe God and want to do it His way.

Practicing the principle of endless supply is a faith work. Sit down and contemplate your situation. God to God in prayer and stay there until you get an answer. It might take more than 30 seconds. Haven't you been trying it your own way long enough?

Excerpt from The Principle Of Infinite Supply by Keith C. Powell Copyright                                                       2016

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