Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Principle Of Infinite Supply 2

"You have to get away from thinking of giving as giving, because giving makes it sound like it is from you.  It’s not.  All you have was given to you by God.  You are a steward (manager) of what God has given you, not a banker of what you have obtained.

Everything you have – even who you are – is given to you from God.  God gives you everything you have, and as you utilize what you have for His purposes, He gives you more and more and more. Your vessel increases as you use or give to others what you have.

This principle of endless supply is not just about money.  It is about everything in your life.  It is about every good thing.  It is a principle from God that God wants you to get.  The reason that God wants you to get it is because God knows the end from the beginning. 

God knows when you are going to stand before Him and pass from this life into eternity.  God wants your stay here to be done God’s way, with God’s blessings, under His authority and with His power."

Excerpt from The Principle Of Infinite supply by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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