Friday, February 12, 2016

Don't Wait 6

"Now you know what to do for others, but what do you do for yourself, if you are one of those who have made excuses and turned away.  This principle doesn’t just apply to salvation, it applies to every phase of your life that God calls you to be His voice and His feet.  

You musn’t wait to say yes when God calls.  
It’s not for God that God wants you to obey Him.  
It’s for you.  
It’s not that God isn’t patient toward you, it’s that God knows that every second you aren’t following Him you are turning away.  

God knows that when you say no, you will be out of God’s will.
If you aren’t in God’s timing you are in for much trouble.

God has been speaking to you everyday, through the word, through music, through teaching, through your friends and family.  The message you must have for others and the message God has for you is Don’t wait.

Don’t wait to say Yes to God.
Don’t wait to call whomever God has put on your heart.
Don’t wait to pray for whomever God has placed in your heart.
Don’t wait to forgive someone.
Don’t wait to ask forgiveness.
Don’t wait to confess to God whatever He is asking of you.
Don’t wait to spend quantity time with your kids.
Don’t wait to love on your wife.
Don’t wait to mend fences.

These are just a few of the things God is speaking to you about.  

By waiting to move on what God calls you to, or making excuses why you can’t come when you are called, you tarnish God’s image.  

If you moved when you were called by God, those who did not come when they were called would have had far less excuse.  If you were answering God’s call to follow Him every time you heard Him:
  • You wouldn’t be without
  • Your bills would be paid
  • You would be helping others when they are in need
  • Those within your sphere of influence would have their needs met
  • Others prayers would be answered
  • Your prayers would be answered
Note: I sense you don't like this last list. Tell me why?
           Excerpt from Don't Wait by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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