Monday, February 8, 2016

Don't Wait 2

"That’s why I am sharing this message today.  I want you to feel with me the urgency of answering that call from God. 
Whatever it is:
Whether accepting Christ for the first time
Re-committing your life to Christ
Answering a call from God for a specific purpose in your life
Getting filled with the power of God for service
Or simply telling others about Christ.

Don’t wait.

Here’s why you can’t wait.  You are the voice of God.  You are the feet of God.  You are the closest that anyone will get to God before they are saved.  And the group that God has given you to work with - Those who have been called, those who made excuses and didn’t come, without you they might never seek and find.

The majority of people that you will witness to are of the group that have already been called and rejected Christ. 
The’ve already build a little world of their own
The’ve already designed a religion that works for them
The’ve already proved to everybody that they don’t need anybody
The’ve already become their own God

This group is hardened and prideful - Self-sufficient and quite often religious.  This group is difficult to win for Jesus.  I want you to feel with me the urgency of this personal ministry. 

God calls every person to accept the sacrifice of His Son as the payment for the penalty for our sins. 
But do you know who God uses to make the call? 
God uses you to make the call.  And if they make excuse and don’t come, God uses you to follow up, and if that doesn’t work God uses you to go the extra mile, until through example, persuasion, nurturing, admonition and love - that person says yes to Christ.
         Excerpt from Don't Wait by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2016

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