Friday, December 18, 2015

God Thinking XCVI - Getting Your Unbelief Under Control 3

"Is it not true that God has opened your eyes?  God has enlightened you to see the path and called you to follow, but you have said:
  • I will go wherever you send me, except New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit, definitely not Africa.  Actually I would go to Australia if you paid the way and guaranteed me a round trip ticket, and I choose the dates. 
  •  Just as soon as I am full, I will give to others.  Lord, I know you want me to give and I will if you let me win the lottery.  Think of all the good I could do with all that money. 
(I say you can do more with $10.00 today under the anointing than with thousands of dollars promised on chance.
  • Lord, could you talk to my wife.  She just doesn’t understand my priorities.
  • Lord, you know that I don’t have time to pray.  By the time I get home and get a shower and eat and watch my favorite TV shows, I’m just too beat to pray.
  • Lord, I really want to do this myself.  Lord please don’t send so and so to help me.
  • Lord, You don’t mean right now, do you?
  • Lord, I can’t talk right.  You must have the wrong guy.
  • Could you say that again.  It sounded like you were saying that I must follow Jesus.
  • Lord can you wait just a bit while I tidy up my affairs.
  • And of course your own  personal ......
   Excerpt from God thinking XCVI -  Getting Your Unbelief Under                         Control by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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