Tuesday, December 8, 2015

God Thinking I - In The Beginning 10

"To begin to implement God thinking you need to evaluate three questions.

1. Is there anything you can do to change what you have already done?  
2. Is there anything that you can do to change your current situation?
3. Is there anything that you can do that could change your future?

Too many people spend too much of their time - (in their mind) in the part of their lives that cannot be changed - the past.  Any time that you give the past, in the way of remorse - guilt - hatred - revenge - anger towards God - dragging up old bones - thinking about old flames - fallen preachers - unanswered prayer - unkept promises - unforgiven debt - anything that is taking time away from your now and your future, is not only taking valuable time, it is causing you and to perpetuate the same kind of thinking that has held you back or kept you from reaching that next goal in life, in the first place.  God thinking requires you to live in God’s time.  God is with the program.  He is very contemporary.  He is fully up to date, today and forever.  God is about today and tomorrow.

Nothing with God happens yesterday.  God thinking requires less focus on where you’ve been - what you’ve done - what you have or haven’t accomplished - what you’ve lost - or what could have been:

And more focus on where you are today, where you are going, what you are going to do, what you can accomplish and who you can be.

Everyone complains about not having enough time to do this or that, but this too is not God thinking.  There is time.  If you believe that there is not enough time, you have allowed a kind of mental virus to get into your thinking and slowly eat away at your vitality and your hope.

It is not true that you don’t have time.  It was never true.  God thinking will demand a higher call to the way that you dispose the day."

       Excerpt from God Thinking - In The Beginning by Keith C. Powell                                                     Copyright 2015

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