Thursday, August 27, 2015

God-thinking X - Oh That's Right, You Don't Want To Change 2

"God thinking accepts your anointing.

Here’s a new precept of God thinking
God thinking doesn’t stop thinking God.
Despite the negative.
Despite the barriers.
Despite the naysayers.
Despite the dead ends.
Despite the doubt.
Despite the impatience.
Despite the trials and tribulations.
Despite the hypocrites.
Despite your friends and family who shake their heads at you.
Despite your sickness.
Despite the impossible.
You will praise & worship and thank God, because faith doesn’t give up. 

God thinking perseveres in faith until your dream, goal or task at hand is fulfilled.

Faith doesn’t quit, ever.
Faith doesn’t stop believing God when things get tough.
Faith doesn’t stop following God when mankind lets you down.
Faith sets its eyes on God.
Faith doesn’t look around to see who is looking, when God is present. 
Faith doesn’t need to see the answer to know who holds the answer.
Faith trusts God to work in it and through it until it is accomplished.
Faith is the fuel that keeps God thinking aflame.

God thinking is looking to see what God is doing, right now,  right here, where you are at, today, and starts to do what God is blessing.  
Note: Oh That's Right You Don't Want To change.  No matter what your church affiliation, there is more. Denominations done much to advance the kingdom but also much to stiffle personal spiritual growth. If you practice God-thinking you will find yourself a little lonely at times, because God has so much more to offer than a regular, pre-programmed, perfectly ordered, denominationally-driven experience. I'm not saying that you should not be fully involved in your church and supportive in every way, but it is not OK to just go along for the ride.  God ,might want more from you than that. Oh That's Right You Don't Want To change.

   Excerpt from God Thinking X - Oh That's Right, You Don't Want To                            Change by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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