Thursday, August 13, 2015

God Thinking IX - Oh You Vain And Little Man 1

I hope you are on a path to learn all you can about God.  Allow God to teach you by His Spirit.  But you have got to want it.  Learning from mistakes, learning from trial and error and learning while paying the consequences of your actions are important also, but allowing God to teach you while things are running smoothly is the better way. 

Not long ago I was thinking about God, trying to prod God to speak to me.   

I wanted to enter into the realm of the supernatural.  I wanted to be caught up like John was (Rev. 4:1).  I wanted to narrow the distance of what I saw as a vast chasm between God and myself.  I wanted to see His back like Moses (Ex. 33:22), or take a chariot ride like Elijah (2 Kings 2:11). 

I looked into the skies and I said, “Father, why does it all seem so futile.  It seems that at every turn there is something of a lesser sort that makes itself easily available.  I want to make wise choices and please you.  I want to be the God man of this century.  How Lord can I overcome who I am?”

In my moments of heightened spiritual ascent, I realized that I was really doing this for me.  I was on a sort of spiritual throne trying to figure out God and bring Him down to think like me.  After all, wasn’t God made in my image? 

You know, God doesn’t always say to you what you want to hear.  God did speak to me, and He said at the moment of my highest aspirations,”Oh foolish and little man.  How vain are your thoughts.”

God thinking paints a dynamic word picture of how God wants us to think, so that we can become like Christ; And we become like Christ by being renewed, day by day, by the Holy Spirit."

Excerpt from God Thinking IX "Oh You Vain And Little Man" by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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