Thursday, July 16, 2015

God Thinking VIII - Ministering In The Spirit 2

"Let’s talk about this for a moment, “ministering in the spirit”.  Ministering in the spirit is a process. First you consciously hold the things of God in your mind and your heart and build up your spirit self.
Then you release your spirit to others as led by the Holy Spirit.

Think about it.  How does God speak to you, audibly or spiritually?

How does God save you?  Materially of spiritually?

When God releases His virtue to heal you, (physically, emotionally or spiritually), how is that virtue released, physically or spiritually?  Even with physical healing, God performs it by His Spirit.

Everything about God is spiritual.  When God moves in a situation to supernaturally intervene, He changes the outcome of the physical universe by His Spirit.

When you hear a truth that sinks down into your soul and something clicks, and your eyes are opened to a truth, where did that eye opening truth come from?  The Spirit of God.

It is the Spirit of God that indwells you that recognizes spiritual things.  That is why, when the Word of God is read or preached you can be stirred or moved - Your spirit agrees with the Spirit of God and you have revealed truth.
How can you agree with what you read in the Word of God or what is preached if we don’t have the Spirit of God within you?

Truth is put inside of you by the Spirit of God.
Truth is revealed to you by the Spirit of God.
Truth is understood by the Spirit of God."

   Excerpt from God Thinking VIII - Ministering In The Spirit by Keith C.                                              Powell Copyright 2015

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