Wednesday, July 15, 2015

God Thinking VIII - Ministering In The Spirit 1

Don't get your back up.  When I am talking about ministering in the Spirit I am not talking about speaking in tongues or giving a word of prophesy or any other gift of the Spirit. I am talking about consciously ministering to others spiritually, not necessarily through words or physical actions. 

God Thinking works.  The practice of God thinking has efficacy and power.

One of the reasons God thinking takes root so quickly and easily is because of its premise of “putting the thoughts of God “on top” all the time. 

  • What happens inside of you is:
  • You start to see things differently. 
  • You begin to see the good in others.
  • You become more friendly.
  • You become a better listener.
  • You are more careful with your tongue.
  • The things of God become more important.
  • The things of the world become far less important.
  • Bad situations take their proper place in your life instead of ruling the moment.    
  • You take time to find out God’s purpose in it.
  • What you used to think were barriers become present opportunities.
  • You see further down the road, instead of just being able to see what is in front of you like you are in a think fog.
  • You learn to speak far less.
  • You learn the truth about who you are in Christ.
  • You learn that you are an heir of God and joint-heir with Christ.
  • You learn how to be who you are, in Christ.
  • You learn how to minister to others in the spirit."
    Excerpt from God Thinking VIII - Ministering In The Spirit by Keith C.                                              Powell Copyright 2015

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