Monday, July 13, 2015

God Thinking VII - On Top 9

"Who has been telling you that you don’t have the authority to speak the Word of God with power?

Who has convinced you that as a Christian you are a worm?

Thirdly, Why did you ever believe it? It’s not what God says.

The Word of God speaks for itself.  Had you been reading the Word of God all the years that you have been in church and believing what God says.   (Wait)  You wouldn’t be waiting for a global move of God to help you believe it is your time to receive the things of God. 

Do you know why you are seeing more of God moving among His people today than yesterday?  Because you are believing what God says is true more today than yesterday.

God didn’t stop working His will during the dark ages - He couldn’t find anyone who believed the Word to operate in and through them.  Are you OK with that?"

   Excerpt from God thinking VII - On Top by Keith C. Powell Copyright                                                             2015

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