Thursday, June 11, 2015

God Thinking XVI - By Invitation Only 2

"Let’s say you read a verse of scripture like, “obey them that have rule over you”.  Let’s say you’ve never quite understood it, but today it comes to life and becomes clear.  This truth is added to your knowledge base like a branch, a leaf or a flower.  But this truth will not effect the center of your being.  The root of the tree will not be effected by adding new truths to your existing knowledge base.

Let’s say you have a computer system.  It is a 1 terabyte, 4.0 megahertz system with 4 megabytes of RAM.  You go to buy software and you find, just the right software package.  This software has just what you want. 
So you turn the box over to read the system requirements, and the program requires .5 megabytes of space (you have that), it requires a 2.5 gigabyte processor, (yours is a 4.0 megahertz), and it requires 4.5 megs of RAM and you only have 4. You walk away without purchasing this new software, even though it has everything you want, because it will not operate on your existing operating system. 
What would you have to do if we really wanted this new software?  You would have to upgrade your operating system.

God thinking is about upgrading your operating system so that what you need from God, you can receive from God.

God Thinking is about changing the way you think, by making changes at the very center of your being.  What makes a root truth different than other truths, is that, other truths may affect you outwardly, (like adding a branch or a leaf or a flower), but root truths change you inwardly, at the center of your being, changing the whole person from the root, to the trunk, the branch, the leaf and the flower."

  Excerpt from God thinking XCVI - By Invitation Only by Keith C. Powell                                                 Copyright 2015

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