Thursday, June 4, 2015

God Thinking XCIV - Principles Of God Thinking 6

"Wrong thinking often mistakes something that resembles the truth for the truth itself.

It’s wrong thinking that causes you to get angry at your spouse for things that happen instead of focusing our anger on your real enemy. 

It’s wrong thinking that keeps your creative self stifled, when you should be creating new medicines, new tools, when you should be taking the new ideas that God has given to you and pursue them with your every effort.

Breathe it:
It’s wrong thinking that keeps you from stepping out in faith and allowing God to have the pre-eminence.

How many times have you let another day go by where you knew what to do, but didn’t do it. 

Quite often you hear the voice of God, but sometimes you don’t like what you hear and you hide from His essence and choose a lessor way.  Sometimes God is calling you out and you don’t want to go out.  Is God calling you out from where you are to reveal Himself mighty through your weakness?

Sometimes He calls you to sacrifice and you don’t want to sacrifice.

Sometimes God calls you to pray and we don’t pray.

Sometimes God call you to worship Him and you choose not to.

It will always be wrong thinking that keeps you from God’s very best for your life.  Because wrong thinking operates on false premises, instead of God’s promises.
Wrong thinking is warped and doesn’t let you receive what is rightfully yours.

With wrong thinking you could be standing on a diamond mine or an oil field and think it was rock and mud.    

Man keeps trying to measure the spiritual using a carnal balance. 

Man keeps trying to be spiritual without the essence of the spiritual.
People are trying to weigh the Son of man by the sons of men and they get a false reading, because you can’t measure spiritual things against carnal things. 

Excerpt from God thinking XCV - Principles Of God Thinking by Keith C.                                            Powell copyright 2015

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