Saturday, June 27, 2015

Daily Devotional - God Thinking Preempt 6

"You wonder why you keep getting into the same old circumstances:
the same old financial trouble
the same old sickness
the same old problems
the same old situations
These are vicious cycles and quite often it takes a calamity to get you out.  Sometimes you think the calamity is the problem, when it is the calamity that moves you from that stagnant place of not having control over your situation to a place where you have to deal with it.

For most of us we can't seem to break away on our own because we are practically gorging on unfit input, so we don't break away until some great external force slays our problem.

We don't stop cheating until we're caught.
We don't stop eating trash until we get a heart attack.
We don't stop smoking until we get cancer.
We don't stop avoiding our children until there messed up.
We don't stop spending until we are deep in debt.

You can't stop anything until you unlearn the behavior that is manifesting itself as the problem.

And to stop is not enough.  It won't be long and you will find yourself right back in the same mess.
The only way to succeed at unlearning is to eradicate the link that started the whole process in the first place.

The link that took a simple thought and turned it into an experience.  That link must be removed. 
If you are thinking you can get serious, long term results over the continuing problems in your life, without unlearning some things... well you decide.  Does your inner man agree?

I'm not talking about your conscience when I say inner man.  You know if you want something bad enough you can sear your conscience - convince your conscience.
You can rationalize anything where the drive is greater than the discipline to tame it."

  Excerpt from God Thinking Preempt by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2015

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