Sunday, May 31, 2015

God Thinking XCIV - Principles Of God Thinking 2

God Thinking is as much about deliberately abandoning wrong thinking as it is about adopting or putting on top the things of God.

It is this very kind of thinking, ‘wrong thinking’ that keeps you from getting what is rightfully ours in Christ. The things of God are abundant and they are for you 24/7.

The things of God are clear and easy to recognize, because they are unfettered by the things of man.

The things of God flow profusely from God.

You can easily recognize the things of God, they are invisible.

The things of God are the best of all that is available.

The things of God are eternal. - They pass-over from this side to the other.

The things of God don’t need to be burnt up to be purified, they are from God and they are already pure.

The things of God make life better here and they are the things ‘there’ is made of.

The things of God are to be sought with the passion of a rookie football player, trying to make the team - he just caught a pass and he is going to take it all the way home.

The things of God, (which God has imbeded in our heart) once they become your desire, once you see them as from God and to be pursued, should be pursued like a robin pursues a worm for her new born babies.
Some of the things of God:
  • What promotes the kingdom of God
  • What meets needs
  • What soothes the lonely
  • What sparks the intellectual
  • What comforts the hurting
  • What encourages the disheartened
  • What lifts up the downtrodden
  • What urges on the despondent
  • What lightens the load of another
  • What softens the blow of disaster
  • What blesses the un-expecting
Excerpt from God thinking XCV - Principles Of God Thinking by Keith C.                                            Powell copyright 2015

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