Monday, May 18, 2015

God Thinking XCII - Question Of The Heart 8

"One hour of Church is enough for anybody.  Who does the preacher think he is, just taking his good ole time?

The preacher/pastor is a servant and if your pastor is following God’s guidance, you need to take up this question with God, not man.

As a servant your pastor is sensitive to the time, but not ruled or led by it.  It’s not really his fault that it seems like a long time.  The Church has been surviving on religion for a long time and religion can easily be practiced within an hour on even less. But relationship takes more time to develop, and and good Church is about relationship, not religion. 

The truth is: Those who want to hurry God on Sunday hurry God throughout the week also and God doesn’t hurry.

I believe that you should finish what you start, and if you start Sunday morning:
in hope of seeking and finding God’s presence
         in hope of hearing the blessed Word of God
in hope of meeting the spiritual needs of the congregation
in hope of finding peace in your heart
in hope of being healed in the body
in hope of your children staying pure
in hope of your week ahead going well
in hope that you apprehend the truth
in hope that you get answers

An hour isn’t very much time.

 Excerpt from God thinking XCII - Questions Of The Heart by Keith C.                                          Powell Copyright 2015

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