Monday, May 4, 2015

God Thinking XCI - Meology 3

  • "If you are going to go after the things of God
  • If you are to fulfill your purpose
  • If you are to walk in the Spirit
  • If you are to walk the walk and not just talk the talk
  • If you are going to be about the Father’s business
  • If we are going to operate in the gifts of the Spirit as the Spirit manages His people

You will have to give up Me-ology

I want to talk about Me-ology so you can spot it when it pops up in your life and so you can learn to trade in your own Me-ology for good theology.
All of us have at one time or another practiced Me-ology. 

Me-ology must be exposed and eradicated for theology to take its rightful place in the life of the believer.

Me-ology must be pushed down and out for theology to be put on top and stay there.

Those who are motivated by Me-ology do everything around the premise of (what is in it for me?)

They want someone to cater to their every need.

They want someone to design a program that perfectly fits them being either: the first - or the smartest - or the best

Me-ology is sweeping the world, not only in secular society, but within the church.

Me-ology teaches - to strive to be lifted up. 
Theology teaches - to strive to lift Jesus up.

Me-ology teaches its converts to strive to be well known.
Theology teaches its converts to strive to make Jesus known.

There is a huge difference between me-ology and theology.
God made a provision for you, so that your theology - your study of God, would not be made up by man’s or woman’s opinion of God.

People who voice their opinion of God, based on their own personal preferences and desires are not good sources to base your theology on, nor are they good sources to follow.

When you hear someone giving their extra-biblical (outside of biblical content) version of God and God’s ways - you are hearing Me-ology."

Excerpt from God thinking XCI - Meology by Keith C. Powell Copyright                                                         2015

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