Sunday, May 3, 2015

God Thinking XCI - Meology 2

"It is not easier to have your mind filled with the evils of the world than it is to have your mind filled with the things of God, but you have been conditioned to believe it is.

As a matter of fact, you have been conditioned to believe that it is easier to be of the world and to serve the world than to be of God and to serve God, but it is not.

Is it easier to live out life eating whatever you want, whenever you want - than to eat wholesome nutritious foods?  Because if you do eat whatever you want, whenever you want, isn’t there consequences to that life style that have to be reckoned with, either now or later?

Is it easier to live out life messing around with drugs, hiding from the law, lying, stealing and cheating people, making excuses, writing bad checks, blaming everybody else for your problems than it is to face your issues and let God and the people of God heal you? 

Is it easier to live out a life of sneaking around and hiding than it is to be straight and to live a life of integrity and honesty, and to pay your bills and serve God and our community with a joyful heart and to give to others and make an inheritance for your kids?

Is it easier to give in to temptation than to stand against the wiles of the devil?  No way, but every attempt has been made to fool you into believing that it is easier to follow the world than to follow the Christ.

All the demons from hell cringe at the Word I am going to share today, because I am going to uncover a truth, hidden by centuries of people trying to be spiritual without Christ.

I am not going to deal with the unbelieving world, because the unbelieving world has not come to a place where they recognize the Christ, nor does it recognize the authority of the scriptures.

I am going to deal with a philosophy that is prevalent in the church today, and must be exposed.
This philosophy has a form of godliness
This philosophy provides (at least) mental acknowledgment that Jesus is divine
Entire tenets of faith are sometimes built around this philosphy
The group that practices this philosophy goes to church

This philosophy is called  - Me-ology.
Unlike theology (the study of God) Me-ology is primarily (the study of self)."

Excerpt from God thinking XCI - Meology by Keith C. Powell Copyright                                                         2015

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