Wednesday, September 24, 2014

God Thinking LX - As You Get Closer 8

"As you get closer to God.   

Your enemy comes after you with a vengeance to remind you that everything that God says is true, isn’t true.

Every time you have a genuine great thought that draws you closer to God, here comes satan to remind you of how utterly ridiculous it is to think you could ever get closer to God. 
  • satan jeers in the background, because he has seen so many Christians say one thing and do another.  
  • satan has seen so many Christians start out one way and end up another.  
  • satan counts the times when you fail and brings them to your remembrance every chance he gets. 
  • satan lies to you about what happens when you get closer to God. 
  • he lies about what is ahead for you. 
  • he lies about what the results of the encounter will be. 
  • he lies about what you’ll lose, what you’ll gain, what effect it will have on others, what your place is in the big picture.
  • satan lies to you as you start to draw close to God, because he knows the truth about himself, which he has managed to hide from so many people today."
Excerpt from God thinking LX - As You Get Closer by Keith C. Powell                                                  Copyright 2014

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