Tuesday, September 23, 2014

God Thinking LX - As You Get Closer 7

"I know some of you have experienced this knowing - inside, about some things, and you have moved on them and these things in your life that just weeks ago seemed insurmountable or running out of control - have taken on their true identity - which is, situations that you can manage under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God. 
I wish I could hear you say Amen.

As you get closer to God:
  • The world and everything it offers takes its proper place in the presence of God, (full of false hope and empty promises).
  • The huge and seemingly impassable obstacles look like toys made with toothpicks when we get close to God.
  • Your worst, real live nightmare fades into obscurity in the presence of God.
As you get closer to God:
  • God imparts hope to encourage you that you can accomplish your dreams in spite of every barrier and God let’s you see how to do it. 
  • God let’s you into His foreknowledge that you can and that vision is enough to take you to your next level.
I hope you are letting this get down into your spirit.
Your faith rises to a new level.  The kind of faith that needs no further proof - faith that needs no sign - raw faith that believes things into existence.

As you get closer to God:
  • The impossible becomes probable and then the probable becomes conceivable and then the conceivable becomes potential and the next thing you know, what was impossible is now actuality."
Excerpt from God thinking LX - As You Get Closer by Keith C. Powell                                                  Copyright 2014

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