Tuesday, September 16, 2014

God Thinking LX - As You Get Closer 1

"Just because there are many ‘ways’ offered by various religious groups doesn’t mean that those ways are credible. 

God is not in competition with anyone.

God is not concerned that you or someone you know or some guru from Nepal or Jihadist from Iraq is going to come up with a better plan or a better way than His plan.

There is no book that God needs to be concerned about - One that might reveal something that God forgot to tell us in the scriptures.

God is not at all moved with the thousands of varieties of religious beliefs and religions that add to or take away from God’s inspired Word.

God is not at all surprised when Islam or Hinduism or Taoism attempts to stake a claim as a viable authority into the heart of God.

God is not concerned that the whole world seeks after something or someone other than His Son to fulfill their inner desire to know their creator."

Excerpt from God thinking LX - As You Get Closer by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2014

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