Thursday, December 19, 2013

God Thinking XL - Nothing Less Will Do - Nothing Else Will Work 1

"God wants you and I to decide to live our life according to God’s plan for our lives, and God wants you and I to be a good steward of the things of God according to God’s design for our lives. 

Nothing less will do and nothing else will work.

Once you decide to do life the way God says to, then you will receive all the blessing from God’s great storehouse according to God’s way of disbursement, provided to you by God Himself, using God’s math. 

The increase and prosperity that God reveals in His Word is not the kind that stops and resides on the recipient. 
  • It is the kind that flows through you to bless those without
  • It is the kind that fills you as the overflow pours out from you.
  • It is the kind that, by increasing you, the kingdom is expanded.
  • It is the kind that feeds the poor, (not after you are filled with great wealth, but while you are being filled).
  • It is the kind of increase that empowers the powerless.
  • It is the God kind of increase that requires faith.
If you are going to be a receiver of God’s intent, you will have to allow the Word of God to minister to you - You will have to believe what God says - and then you evaluate what you previously believed based on what you just learned, in order to more perfectly serve God and receive all the blessing afforded you in God's economy."
Excerpt from God Thinking XL - Nothing Less Will Do - Nothing Else Will Work by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2013 


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