Sunday, November 25, 2012

God Thinking VII - Does God Rely On You? 7

"God is not going to change His mind, write a new book, alter His creation, bend the rules, break His Word, take back what He has said, send someone else, abide by popular consensus or consider alternate plans.

You will have to abide in Christ to bear fruit and it’s all about bearing fruit.     

Let’s read the Word again, but before I do, let me share something with you first.  When I read the Word of God, I believe what God says.  I may not have full revelation, but I believe what I read, when I read the Word of God. 
Every time I read the Word, God changes me.  He makes me feel good and He also dresses me down and reveals the true me, as I really am.  He reveals who I am when I am in the flesh - and He reveals who I am when I trust in the blood of Christ for my propitiation.

He lifts me up and He prunes me.

God encourages me and enlightens me and empowers me. 

There’s times when I read the Word that I could walk on water and there’s times when God says to me, “you vain and little man”.

God’s Word proves me and improves me, changes me and reveals me. 

It is by His Word that I can even know who I should be, why I should be it, when I should get on to it, where I should do it and how to do it."
Excerpt from God thinking VII - Does God Rely On You? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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