Tuesday, November 20, 2012

God Thinking VII - Does God Rely On You? 2

"The implied meaning of God thinking is: that, as you are inspired and motivated (by what God has said) or (by what God is doing in your life), you then respond to that knowledge, wisdom, inspiration or motivation to accomplish the will of God that was revealed to you by God in or through the inspiration or motivation.

The thought that God thinking might somehow be interpreted to mean (self-elevation) derived from information that is exclusive to you - so that your inner man can be nourished and filled while the outer man is still wallowing in worldly pursuits is foolishness.

The thought that God enlightens you, fills you and empowers you in the inner man, so that you can continue to sow for the outer man is appalling, and not biblical.

The entire premise of God thinking is that you might gain insight from God that we can utilize in your daily life, insight that transforms your way of living so that it is pleasing to God - and so that you will have the wisdom and ability to assist others in transforming their lives and their way of living so that it is pleasing to God."

Excerpt from God thinking VII - Does God Rely On You? by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012



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