Friday, November 16, 2012

God Thinking VI - A New Way To Think 14

"There are 6 primary components that provide what your body, mind and spirit are made of.
  1. The Spiritual component & God’s supernatural intervention
  2. Your dietary
  3. Your environment
  4. Traditional and cultural values
  5. Previous parental dysfunction
  6. Physiological influences
These six components of your makeup all contribute to the whole person.

Let's look at Your dietary.

2.    Your dietary.  What you eat contributes to your mental and physical well-being, so much so that many nutritionist say that 'you are what you eat.'  To one degree or another what you eat does contribute to your overall well-being.  I am Constantly taken back at how many well meaning Christians make no conserted effort to positively affect their diet. 
There is another mind set that pervades the Church today as well; that since we have been eating this way or that way for fifty years there is no real reason to affect any change.  Really?  You have been eating so nutritiously that there is nothing you can do to positively affect your diet?  The entire 'food fight' is so silly.  If you think that you can continue to be overweight or eat unhealthy foods on a regular basis and you don't want to and make any effort to assist in the process of creating a healthy environment for your body, go ahead, but don't try to back it up with scripture that food is not an important part of your whole wellness plan. 
God devised a great plan for health and gave us all the finest foods with an unlimited variety to be eaten and used for our wellness and personal satisfaction.  It is the adulterated food and processed junk and overeating that is killing many people today, not the bounty of goodness that God provided.  A little common sense can go a long way in positively affecting your overall health.
Excerpt from God Thinking VI - A New Way To Think by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012  

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