Friday, November 16, 2012

God Thinking VI - A New Way To Think 12

"Gods thinking can also be seen as Re-stacking your thoughts to place life changing, powerful principles “on top” in your mind, and redistributing the lesser things, pushing them so far down in the mind that they practically disappear.


When you are thinking about the things of God the light of the Lord shines brightly on everything and the things of this world  grow curiously dim. 

Putting “on top” simple truths, God breathed truths, time honored truths, root truths, gives you an edge for the day.

God thinking is practicing thinking God thoughts, beautiful thoughts, good thoughts, thoughts that build up, thoughts that empower, thoughts that encourage.

This process of thinking God thoughts will in time thoroughly steer the day.

There are many enemies that will show their ugly face when the things of God become what’s “on top”.  But hold on just as long as you can.  You can succeed.

Have you ever been inspired to do something or inspired to be something?  Have you ever been inspired by something, like a great book or an inspiring movie, a great speech or a new truth?
  • You get all excited. 
  • Inside you feel invincible. 
  • It seems as if you know some secret inside, something that can get you where you are going, faster. 
  • You believe you can. 
  • As a matter of fact, you are positively certain you can. 
  • You get so excited that you just know that something great is going to happen. 
Then, just 24 hours later or 24 minutes later , doubt and trepidation set in.  All of a sudden, your not quite sure anymore.  What was a dream come true just 24 hours ago is now just a dream and maybe even less than that, a whim. 
Yesterday you could move a mountain, and today, even tiny pebbles seem like the Hoover dam.  I would like to tell you it’s just doubt that has set in, but that wouldn’t be totally true.

Sometimes doubt sets in and you can battle doubt in your mind with belief.  But sometimes it is a combination of things in your life, that together make up the whole problem.
You are made up of multiple dimensions.  You know that you are body, mind and spirit.  You know that you have a soul and a heart.  That’s what you are.  But I am going to discuss what makes you who you are."
Excerpt from God Thinking VI - A New Way To Think by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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