Monday, September 24, 2012

God thinking LXII - You Have Got To Figure It Out 10

"The decisions that God is speaking to your heart.

Are you going to:
Remain unchanged - unmoved by God’s Word for you.  Holding firm in your resolve to hear the Word of God without having it change you?
Or are you going to turn away and not let what God said become true in you, even though you hear the voice of God - even though you know it is right - even though you know that God is dealing with you for your own benefit - even though you know the consequences of not adhering to what God is saying to you is devastating - will you still turn away?

Or are you going to draw closer to God?  And allow God to positively affect  your decisions. 

Will you make up your mind to allow God to weed out every thing that is not of God, by God or for God?

Will you allow God’s Word to give you the answer you have been looking for?

        Will you make a decision for the moment, the day, for your career, your
        ministry, your direction, your life based on what God is doing in your
        spirit right now?
You Have Got To Figure It Out.

Excerpt from God thinking 62 - You Have Got To Figure It Out by Keith C. Powell Copyright 2012

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