Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thought for the Day II

"You must be careful to remain faithful to the Spirit of God, learn the truth about prayer and practice it. All prayer has a common factor, and that is, communication with God. Despite the purpose or intent of your prayer, prayer is, first, direct communication with God. You do not pray to bring something to God's attention, as if He were not aware. You pray to join your will with Gods will in order to fulfill all that God has ordained for you.

Through prayer - you recognize your human frailty and God's Sovereignty.

Through prayer - you recognize your inability and God's total ability.

Through prayer - you recognize your insufficiency and God's All Sufficiency.

You come to terms with the reality of God's total sovereignty, ability and sufficiency.

Through prayer - you also grow in His grace and begin to see your purpose through God's eyes. As you pray, you will see, how you participate in creating with God, situations that change lives.

Excerpt from The Power of God Thinking II by Keith C. Powell Copyright 20112

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