Friday, December 30, 2016

Getting To Know God Better 8

"Sometimes we are so emotionally distraught or in some kind of personal or family turmoil that getting to know God better doesn't seem as important as getting to know our self better.

There are a couple of ways to bust through and make a quick work of this dilemma. Of course there is always the, stagger through life with a chip on your shoulder expecting all the changes needed to make you happy to come from outside of yourself sources. But that is the slow and painful route. To bust through and make a quick work of getting to know your self better, here are some suggestions

Access your situation the best you can, all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly; make what minor changes that you can think of to better your situation and then that leaves the remainder of things, (those things working against you from outside sources) and some things that might require your attention to work out from the inside of your self.  The things working against you are minorly out of your control and should be set aside as those things that you cannot change of your own volition.

There are those things that you can work from the inside of your self. These things are the things that bring us back to the subject of getting to know God better. The best case scenario of finding your true self is through allowing God to reveal you through God's eyes. If you saw yourself through God's eyes you would be far less disappointed with the things in life that go wrong. God not only knows about them all, but He is intimately involved, on your behalf to provide you with everything you need to succeed in knowing your self and being very satisfied with who you are.

In order for your to really enjoy life and to get the most out of it you will have to juggle the mix of yourself (what you can do from the inside of you) and (the influences of those around you.) Here is my final analysis of how to integrate the two together with God in the middle. At night when all is quiet I contemplate the outside forces/people/issues. I don't try to figure any of it out during this session with God, I just want to gather the forces/people/issues into one package/thought.
Then I say to Jesus, "You have said to me to bring you my burdens and here they are." I am not worried at all that I will overwhelm Jesus with the quantity or the complexity of the forces/people/issues. But neither do I give them any more of my time or thought until I wake up in the morning.

If you don't believe that Jesus has this power/authority to take what you lay down and make something new out of it, then don't bother with the exercise. It won't work for you. And if you feel that what you lay down at Jesus feet you have to pick it up again and again and again to make sure it is adequately dealt with, well that doesn't work either.

This process of laying your burdens at the feet of Jesus is Biblical and it works. Jesus can handle it. It doesn't matter if you present it correctly or if you have mentioned everything that needs dealt with or even if you are absolutely correct in all your assumptions. It only matters that you lay down your burdens and that you believe that Jesus will take them on to Himself. Think about it this way; Jesus took on the sin of all humanity so that you could be saved from sin and stand before God justified/reconciled as a child of God and you will receive full benefits, now and in the great beyond. If Jesus has done that for you why do you think your particular burdens are so difficult for Jesus to handle of you? Remember Jesus handled the sin of the whole world for you. He can handle your burdens also."  

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