Saturday, December 3, 2016

Getting To Know God Better 3

"Getting to know God better requires you to think in ways that are congruent with God's original design/intent. It does matter the way you think. This is key. It is not as important what you think as it is the way you think. The reason is that what you think can be changed easier than the way you think. Both what you think and the way you think are borne from all previous/past conditioning.

If you are satisfied with seeing God as a distant character in the game of religion, you will not be interested in continuing with reading this blog.

The whole of the universe is currently working off of the original design by God, not changed, not altered. We, our society and technology has evolved, but not the resources and the elements that we use to create. Our evolution of sorts is that of changing with the times, new discoveries, new technologies, even new understanding to things that always were. But God and His design, the how to's of the universe have not changed and won't.

Here is one of the biggest hurdles for people today. They want God to change with the times, to honor the dishonorable, to give a thumbs up to the lesser things that have trapped us all. Many people want an evolving God, one that goes along for the ride with us and our indiscretions and declining morality, one that makes provisions for our pathetic and paltry view of God, a god that jumps through any hoop for us to ordain our practical and religious view of God no matter how far form the truth we have strayed.

Getting to know God better requires that for a season, or for a little time or even for a moment, you abandon your conditioned, trained and religious interpretation of Holy God. We must start the process of unlearning the pitiful and base concepts that have brought religion to this point of such a grave mis-diagnosis of the Holiness of God. Your relationship with God, through Christ by the Power of the Holy Spirit must replace your conditioned, habituated, familiar and trained view of God. If it turns out that after a deep interaction with God you find that your church experience is assisting in developing and sustaining of a right relationship with God, then you should commend the leadership and stay and help and enjoy such a relationship. But if you find that you are being kept from the intimacy that is available between you and God by the fundamentals of your churches philosophy and you have made an attempt to share your feelings about being stifled, then it is time to move on.

It is better to move on with the hopes of finding solace through your relationship with God than to stay submerged in a religious system that doesn't let the submarine come up for fresh air once in a while. In the end, you will be responsible for your actions, not your rabbi, pastor, teacher, minister. If you are willing to go through life on the backs of others, and not search and discover truth for yourself, you will find very little new light. And yet you have the ability to reach out and touch the hand of God."


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