Wednesday, November 2, 2016


One of the greatest fallacies deceiving Christians is that, once you are born again there is no need for service or servanthood, because now God watches over you and protects you anyway. It is partially true. God does watch over you and protect you, but service to mankind and servanthood are just as much a part of the born-again experience as being watched over and protected.

Salvation is a free gift from God and without contingencies, but servanthood is from man/woman and that according to our own free will. If you believe that God has given you eternal life, why wouldn't you want to bless others in whatever capacity you are able? If God gives freely to you, and you believe it, you will be motivated to do the same thing for others.

The concept of servanthood is far from popular in modernity. But Jesus isn't that popular either. Servanthood is a badge of honor for the Christian that believes that they have received from God. Think of it this way: When you plant a seed in the ground it is just a seed, but with water and soil and sunlight it becomes a plant and then goes on to become a tree or produce a fruit. Without you, nothing can grow. You are the water, the soil and the sun to the seeds of faith that have been planted. If you have ever had a garden you will fully understand the necessity of nurturing the seed, then the pant all the way through to maturity. without you the plants might come up but they would not produce anything because of the weeds and the elements.

God gives to you. You serve others.

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